High School – from 9th to 12th Grade…and graduation!

1986352_orig-300x201At Choices Charter School, we recognize that each student has unique abilities, experiences, needs, and individual learning styles. Providing each student with differentiated instruction allows us to customize the learning environment and deliver academic instruction in a way that meets the individual needs and abilities of each student. Which program is best for your student?

We offer a very different kind of environment than in a traditional school. Some students may not be comfortable, or not performing in, a traditional setting. Choices Charter School’s programs have proven benefits with our students, including:

  • Small class sizes – from 5 to 20 per class
  • Generation Z (Millennial) preferred teaching methods
  • Small campus
  • Calm and respectful environment – No bullying policy
  • Free Tutoring in ALL subjects 5 days a week
  • Individualized Learning choices
  • Visual and Performing Arts programs, including guitar, drums, choir, drama, film, and drawing
  • 24hr access to student information – grades, curriculum, and class information

Need more information? Request our FREE Information kit. Want to come visit the campus? You are welcome! Just schedule an Information Session and see for yourself how Choices Charter School is an extraordinary school.

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