Aksenov, Irene

I can divide my life into two parts: the first one – my life in Russia, working at a University as a teacher and a researcher; the second- my life in the USA and working at public schools of California. Both parts are equally important to me from many points of view, such as never stop thinking and learning.

As with all other people, my personality is influenced by people who surround me on a regular basis. First of all, my family has been an important source of support in my many decisions. The second, my wonderful friends have had a big impact on my consciousness and personality. Finally, one more important part of me is my hobbies; I love traveling, animals, music, and literature.

Fluent in English and Russian.

Class Activities

Title : Teacher

Email : iaksenova@sanjuan.edu

Phone : 916-797-8356

Subject(s) Taught : Chemistry, HS Earth Science

Years’ experience : 20 yrs at University of Russia and 15 yrs in California

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