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What Makes Choices Charter School Extraordinary?

As an Individualized Learning Public Charter School, it is our mission to cater to students who are looking for options in education. Find out how we can be extraordinary for you!

100% Free education

Choices Charter School is completely free! Unlike public schools, we have flexibility in how we develop our programs and invest in our school. Take a look at our programs to select the program that fits you best: One-on-One Learning, Virtual Learning, or Blended Classroom Learning.

Blended classroom, One on One, and Virtual (Independent for HS only) programs

We offer a personlized learning approach featuring 3 different learning programs; virtual, One-on-One, and blended classroom learning. Each student can learn his way through our program offering.

Small class sizes – from 5 to 20 per class

Our credentialed teachers teach to small classrooms in a intimate, calm, and quiet setting. Small class size means more individual attention for our students!

Generation Z/Millennials preferred teaching methods

It is a known fact that generation Z, or millennials, learn more effectively in a environment where their learning style is taken into account. At Choices, we take Millennials into account and teach to their style of learning.

Small campus

Our campus is small, peaceful, and quiet. With fewer than 20 rooms, there is no need to run from one class to another!

Calm and respectful environment - No bullying policy

Choice Charter School promotes a respectful environment by enforcing a No Bullying Policy on our campus. Surveyed students say that they feel safe and accepted at Choices.

Free Tutoring in all subjects 5 days a week all day

Most schools offer tutoring in a couple of subjects. Choices Charter School offers FREE tutoring in ALL subjects 5 days per week.

Teachers who are caring, respectful, credentialed, and specialized in their field of study

We take great care in choosing our teachers. We do our best to live by our school motto: “An Extraordinary Choice.”  Our teachers are the live representation of this.

High Student Satisfaction Rate - 97%

Every year we ask our students and parents how satisfied they are with us. Over the last few years the answer has consistently been from 97% to 100%.

Individualized Learning

At Choices Charter School, learning programs are built around the needs of the students. Within our three programs, students receive instruction that is modified to best suit their needs.

Broad range of classes offered

We encourage students to explore the broad range of courses available at Choices Charter School. Check the course listings here and consult our advisor with any questions or concerns.

Music and Art programs including guitar, drums, choir, drama, film, and drawing

We offer an extensive Visual and Performing Arts program. Our classes include art, guitar, percussion, drama, choir, and piano, and our newest addition in 2015/16, video production.

24hr access to student information – grades, curriculum, and class information

Parents and students each have their own 24hr access to grades and most assignments on the web.

Parent and student open door policy to all teachers and staff

You are a student and you need to talk to your teacher? No problem. You are a parent and you need to talk to a teacher? No problem. Each teacher is reachable directly via their own phone number and email, and have office hours that made personal contact much easier. Unlike traditional schools, our teachers are easily reachable and available.

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