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Choices Charter School has been an Expert in Distance Learning since 1998, providing extraordinary educational choices at no cost to you. We are a Sacramento Charter school, and we offer a unique environment, and in most cases, better benefits than in a traditional school. Being one of the top Charter schools Sacramento, we assign you the best teachers for the academics. We strictly adhere to charter-friendly laws and regarded as an efficient choice among the top Sacramento Charter Schools.

Our programs were founded to meet the needs of many different types of students/families who would find success in an alternative educational setting: families who have become dissatisfied with traditional school programs; students and parents who are searching for a different learning/teaching environment; families who want to take an active role in their student’s learning; students who are struggling in the mainstream school setting; students who need a 5th year of High School to complete their diploma, those who learn best in a small or independent environment, and a host of other reasons.

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What Makes Us Extraordinary ?

Experts in Distance Learning since 1999

We create partnerships between students, parents and the school.

100% FREE Education

There is no cost to our programs. All books, labs, tutoring and more are included.

FREE Tutoring

We offer free tutoring in ALL subjects 5 days per week.

Career/Technical Education
Career Pathway

CTE Pathway in Business/Finance and Courses in Coding, Robotics and - coming soon - the Choices Drone Aviation Program!

Small Virtual Class Sizes

Our virtual classes vary in size from only a few students to a maximum of 20.

Extensive Virtual Music and Art Programs

We offer virtual classes in piano, guitar, piano, drums, choir, film, drawing & painting.

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Meet Our Teachers

Our faculty is composed of dedicated, passionate individuals who have been selected not only for their effective skills in curriculum development and inspired teaching, but also for their love of children, strength of character, and personal values.

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