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Back to School stress? Here’s some tips.

Back to school is a period of stress for students but also for parents. How to ensure that this period goes smoothly? Here’s a few simple tips that will help you prepare for the return. These will help defuse the stress at this time of great change often tinged with anxiety for students and their parents. Avert a disaster by anticipating and preparing now, before the end of summer.

To ensure that your children are not too disturbed and tired when the time comes, it is a good practice to help them achieve a rhythm with their sleep at least a few days before schools starts. If you are able to change the schedule a week ahead, this allows your children to be ready for the change of pace of school. The first week of “Back to school” will not be experienced as too brutal.

It is also essential to talk with student to prepare psychologically for this autumn. If possible, start introducing back into your conversations, subjects related to school materials and supplies as well as clothing choices. If budget permits, go shopping with the student for these.

If your child is changing schools, it is important to become familiar with the new school by visiting the premises in advance. This allows the student to visualize and project themselves mentally in at the school. This in turn will reduces their anxiety. The new school will no longer be unknown.

If despite this, your student still shows signs of anxiety, it is essential to calmly listen and reassure. We’ll be right here to help them along.

Welcome back!

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