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Identify Cyberbullying & Stand up to it!

Technology is an integral part of our lives today and we cannot imagine our lives being run, staying away from it. However, like every medicine, technology has its side-effects because it provides everyone a platform to do their deeds - good or bad! In today’s world, technology is accessible to…


Research shows that class size matters a lot!

There is often disagreement over class size. Does it really make a difference? Well, the latest research out of Northwestern University published for the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado Boulder makes it very clear, size does matter, a lot. The study shows that class size is an important…


School Bullying Can Leave Lifelong Scars

As a society, we are more aware of bullying than ever. We hear about bullying regularly in social media outlets and on the news. But how really damaging is bullying? Here's a few statistics. According to a 2015 report from the U.S. Department of Education, when students are bullied as children,…


Family Tip of the Week: Routines and schedules start the year right

The start of a new school year is exciting. But it means kids and parents will need to make some adjustments. Here are some ways to get your family back into a good routine for the school year: Set the rules. Make sure your child knows what you expect now…


Back to School stress? Here's some tips.

Back to school is a period of stress for students but also for parents. How to ensure that this period goes smoothly? Here’s a few simple tips that will help you prepare for the return. These will help defuse the stress at this time of great change often tinged with…


Introduction to Growth Mind Set starts 6/13!

This summer our counselor, Martine Cermak and counseling intern, Jade Owen, will be running a group for middle school students current 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Choices.  The group will be an introduction to growth mindset, the concept of changing the way students feel about their mistakes and failures and…

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