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Pros and Cons of Video Games for Kids with ADHD

Today’s tweens and teens spend a lot of their free time playing video games. Are you concerned by this? Are video games good or bad for kids?

You be interested in watching this video featuring Jodi Gold, M.D. She is a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist and author of Screen-Smart Parenting: How to Find Balance and Benefit in Your Child’s Use of Social Media, Apps, and Digital Devices, on the benefits and drawbacks of video games.

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Identify Cyberbullying & Stand up to it!

Technology is an integral part of our lives today and we cannot imagine our lives being run, staying away from it. However, like every medicine, technology has its side-effects because it provides everyone a platform to do their deeds – good or bad! In today’s world, technology is accessible to kids at an age earlier than they are ready to handle the pitfalls and threats that it poses if not used with right intentions.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is one of the fastest growing crime which has its victims at every age, majority being young kids & teenagers. Cyberbullying, by definition, is the use of electronic communication mediums, such as text messages, emails, social media, internet forums or chat rooms to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. A bully can use harsh, mean, or cruel language on Social media, emails or text to harass someone OR impersonate a victim online to hurt or embarrass another person. Studies suggests that about 1 in 4 teens have been the victims of cyberbullying, and about 1 in 6 admit to having cyberbullied someone.


How to stop Cyberbullying?

First step is to recognize the bullying. If you are a victim, you should stop the communication with the bully immediately as soon as you feel uncomfortable with any of the conversations. As a parent & teacher, you should observe a change in behaviour of the kid or their sudden change in amount of time being spent on internet, as signs. Second, you should keep records of everything. It is easy to keep record of electronic communication and it is important to document it as a proof against the bully. Last & the most important, report to your closest support, a friend, parents and teachers. In majority of cases, bullies are from your real world, people you already know. By reporting and sharing, you can also help save others being a victim to the same bully.


Our government and law is with us to stop this silent crime! Read more:


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Family Tip: Help a frustrated student

“I hate school!” “Math stinks!” “I’m dumb!” Statements like these are often signs of a child who’s frustrated with schoolwork.

When kids get frustrated, they often:

  • Refuse to continue working on something.
  • Quit what they’re working on and go on to something else.
  • Refuse to talk about why.
  • Make statements of disgust about their own performance skills.
  • Put the teacher and school down.

To help a frustrated child, share a story of how you struggled with something when you were young. Explain how you worked through it. Then gently encourage your child to try again. Give some hints to help your child solve the problem.

Each solution your child reaches will give him more self-confidence to try and succeed the next time. If frustration continues, talk with the teacher. Discuss what help with homework might be available.

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Encourage your teen to get eight hours of sleep a night

Did you know your teen may actually need more sleep now than he did a year or two ago? But teens are more likely to get less sleep, not more, than they did when they were younger.

Most teens do best on at least eight hours of sleep. But schoolwork and social life mean that too often, they get six hours of sleep or fewer. This usually happens on school nights when they need sleep the most!

Tired teens may have less interest in school. They may be moody and depressed. They may fall asleep at the wrong times, such as in school.

Tired teens may also try to “catch up” on sleep during the weekends. This is difficult on their bodies and may negatively affect the schedule of everyone else in their households.

To keep distractions to a minimum and help your teen get the sleep he needs to do his best in school, establish family “quiet times” after a certain hour. The only reason for your teen to be awake during these times is schoolwork.

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A private school in public garb

Providing a chance to excel in the neighborhood, the Charter School in Sacramento offers its pupils a flexible environment where they can excel academically. Charter schools are largely public schools that follow a unique form of public education system. The system is very similar to top-notch organizations that contract out a third party organization for food and janitor services.

Each state has a different set of rules and the government body largely forms these charter schools or individuals and groups can apply for the same. Education institutions like colleges and university boards also have the decree to form charters. The personalized learning Public Schools in Sacramento are extremely popular and at times parents can have a tough time gaining admission. Charter schools do not discriminate against pupils on the basis of their ethnicity, gender, and religious beliefs or any form of disability, unlike private schools.

The Public High School in Sacramento follows the rules laid by the charter and strives for high-quality academic performance and goals. The agency governing the charter body has the power to shelf the school at any given time. The rationale behind this act largely depends on the school’s failure to meet exemplary academic performance or is bad at maintaining good accounts and finance. The funding for these schools is largely taken care of by the governing body of that state or private individuals.

The popular charter institutions conduct multiple forms of fundraising events to main its financial stability. The cost of education at charter schools is free and unlike private schools, they do not encourage parents to donate money. The charter regulations are formed for a specific period and need to be renewed once the term ends.


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Charter School – An Institutional Hybrid

Charter schools are largely public schools that are given flexibility in terms of operations and regulations. Unlike the regular public schools that are bound by stringent regulations, charter schools are largely responsible for offering flexibility. Their key result areas revolve around upholding the school’s mission, the total number of students served and modes of assessment. Acting as an independent Study in Sacramento, these schools work as an “institutional hybrid” and offer education to students free of cost. These schools do not discriminate against the pupils based on their ethnicity and gender or any disability.

It is essential to understand that if a Charter School in Sacramento fails to meet the performance requirements, it will cease to exist. The institution must showcase performance around academics, finance management and overall stability of the institution. Although the charter schools are based on a core founding principle of good academic skills, the structure and functioning largely vary.

Charter schools are strongly based on the charter laws and the rules vary from school to school and from region to region in the United States. Therefore based on the school’s rules and regulations, community leaders/social entrepreneurs’ parents, educational districts and even municipal bodies can submit a proposal for charter at the region’s charter authorizing body. Some schools also follow a random lottery to keep the selection processes clear and transparent. The funding usually comes from the public funds that are received on a student basis and on the overall enrollment strength.


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Choosing Schools Offering Personalized Learning over Conventional Ones

Getting their children educated is a priority for every parent and you are no exception. However, parents often fail to understand needs of their kids and the consequences can be frustrating. Not all kids are can benefit from conventional schooling and the mainstream education system. Parents need to think with sensitivity for their own child. Factors such as genetics, specific incidents affecting child psyche and disorders can prevent kids from obtaining the benefits of the conventional education system. For such kids, a Charter School in Sacramento is an ideal solution.

Why opt for an independent charter school

Like many other parents, you may not have a clear idea about the benefits of schools offering independent and personalized learning methodologies. However, these schools are better suited for children with specific physical and mental needs. Children afflicted with autism and ADHD find it hard to pursue education in regular schools and for them the Personalized learning Public Schools in Sacramento are best. Besides, parents who want to be involved with education of their kids and those dissatisfied with limitations of traditional schooling can pursue this alternative means of education.

What you can expect in independent study programs

When you enroll your kid in a school offering an independent study program, the school management will analyze the aptitude and cognitive ability of the child thoroughly. Based on the result of analysis, they will suggest the most apt learning program for your kid. Below listed are the salient features of schools offering Independent Study in Sacramento:

  • Choice of 1 to 1, virtual or blended study programs – as per the needs and desires of each student
  • Free daily tutoring in all subjects
  • Periodic assessment of students
  • Daily online updates to the parents about progress of students