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23 Feb

Charter schools are largely public schools that are given flexibility in terms of operations and regulations. Unlike the regular public schools that are bound by stringent regulations, charter schools are largely responsible for offering flexibility. Their key result areas revolve around upholding the school’s mission, the total number of students served and modes of assessment. Acting as an independent Study in Sacramento, these schools work as an “institutional hybrid” and offer education to students free of cost. These schools do not discriminate against the pupils based on their ethnicity and gender or any disability.

It is essential to understand that if a Charter School in Sacramento fails to meet the performance requirements, it will cease to exist. The institution must showcase performance around academics, finance management and overall stability of the institution. Although the charter schools are based on a core founding principle of good academic skills, the structure and functioning largely vary.

Charter schools are strongly based on the charter laws and the rules vary from school to school and from region to region in the United States. Therefore based on the school’s rules and regulations, community leaders/social entrepreneurs’ parents, educational districts and even municipal bodies can submit a proposal for charter at the region’s charter authorizing body. Some schools also follow a random lottery to keep the selection processes clear and transparent. The funding usually comes from the public funds that are received on a student basis and on the overall enrollment strength.