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Need help? Our Counselors are available!



The Counseling Corner at Choices Charter School is available for academic, career, and social/emotional support. Students are highly encouraged to make an appointment for counseling services. The Counseling Corner also provides:

  • Testing: The Counseling Center is equipped with SAT, ACT, and GED preparation materials.
  • Job Placement: We have a job board with local job openings displayed outside of the Counseling Center. Counselors can assist students on their job search and also guide them through application and interview processes and follow-up.
  • Post-High School Education: Counselors will assist students in matching their strengths and interests with possible career paths. College catalogs, both two and four years, as well as vocational information, are available in the Center so students can research their many options.

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Naviance College and Career Planner – click here!

Visit for information on which schools are within your reach based on your GPA, SAT score, or ACT score. Or, search entrance requirements by school.

Best Colleges (according to U.S. News): click here!

  • Community Outreach: The community liaison is available to both students and their parents and can assist the family with education and job opportunities.
  • College/Career Planning: Visit our page HERE!



Need help? Our Counselors are available!

Mr. Nguyen
Counselor –
Available by Appointment Monday through Friday
Mr. Nguyen’s virtual counseling office

Mr. Drennon 
Community Liaison –

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