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Middle School – Grades 6 through 8

At Choices Charter School, middle school students can safely learn in a proven environment!

Since 1999, Choices Charter School’s programs have been proven to benefits our students.  Whether you choose the Traditional Independent Study Program or our Blended Learning Program, all of the following apply to our school.  Schedule your Information Session today.

  • 24hr Access to Student Information – grades, curriculum, and class information
  • Individualized Learning choices
  • Free Tutoring in ALL Subjects 5 Days a Week
  • Visual and Performing Arts programs, including guitar, drums, choir, drama, film, and drawing (Due to Covid-19, some limitations may apply)
  • Small Virtual Class Sizes – From 5 to 20 per Class

Choices Charter School Graduation Outcomes (“GO”s)

At Choices, while meeting academic content standards, students learn, with the guidance of staff and curriculum, to define and pursue college and career goals.  Choices students:

  • Define Goals
  • Implement a Plan
  • Make Adjustments
  • Persevere


Need more information? Request our FREE Information kit. Would you like to come to visit the campus? You are welcome! Just schedule an Information Session and see for yourself how Choices Charter School is an extraordinary school.

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