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02 Feb

Did you know your teen may actually need more sleep now than he did a year or two ago? But teens are more likely to get less sleep, not more, than they did when they were younger.

Most teens do best on at least eight hours of sleep. But schoolwork and social life mean that too often, they get six hours of sleep or fewer. This usually happens on school nights when they need sleep the most!

Tired teens may have less interest in school. They may be moody and depressed. They may fall asleep at the wrong times, such as in school.

Tired teens may also try to “catch up” on sleep during the weekends. This is difficult on their bodies and may negatively affect the schedule of everyone else in their households.

To keep distractions to a minimum and help your teen get the sleep he needs to do his best in school, establish family “quiet times” after a certain hour. The only reason for your teen to be awake during these times is schoolwork.