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Yearbook work starting!

Yearbook art.

Meet our yearbook class!

Yearbook students working on their board.

Yearbook art.

Yearbook class busy taking portraits for the Yearbook

2016 Yearbook finished!

Intramurals - Ultimate Frisbee fun!


We love our teachers!

Student Leadership at the SPCA

Another SPCA pic

Trip to the SPCA

SPCA visit!

Student Leadership trip to the SPCA

Thank you, Gloria!

Teachers with Gloria E.

Poster created by Gloria E.

Middle School Honor Roll

Congratulations Jillian F.!

Spirit Week!

Our group at Speaker Series

Speaker series questions

Question to Captain Kelly

George Takei was very inspiring

At Speaker Series

Speaker Series group

Speaker Doris Kearns Goodwin

Students at the speaker series

Students with speaker, Mr. Takei

Students with George Takei

Captain Scott Kelly

Speaker series is amazing!

Another Spanish class fiesta

Spanish 1, 2 and 3 class fiesta!

Speaker series outing!

Speaker series outing!

JDI Exemplary Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship Recipients

More Graduates!

They graduated! Congratulations!

Proud student and teacher!

"Build Your Best Self" Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations, Seniors!

Senior Graduates 2017

Teachers serving Senior Breakfast!


School was so much fun!

Great party!

Austin and his geode

Mrs. Browns 6th grade class

Inside a geode!

Rylee and Mrs. Brown

DJ attempting to break a geode!

"That was a great book..."

Welcome to our class!

Mr. Salvatore's art class in action.

Working on GradPoint assignments.

More school dance

School dance!

Awards at Senior Breakfast

Great breakfast food was served!

French language awards

Happy senior!

Senior Breakfast!

Proud students and their award!

Mr Oddo presenting awards

Carlos asking a question

Sacramento Speakers Series outing!

Our booth at the County Fair!

So much to see at the Fair

Enjoying the Fair

Sacramento Fair Visit!

Student helpers at the Fair!

Visit to Sac City College!

Proud Graduate Family!

Yearbook students preparing their board.

Lorenzo saying the pledge.

First year piano student Adam.

Peace and Action Class visit

Destiny in peace in action class

Volunteering for Peace in Action class

Volunteering for Peace in Action class

More Peace in Action class

More Peace in Action

Peace in action class!

Edith Crawford's Peace in Action class

Carlos Peace and Action class

Kindergarteners and students

Peace in action class -Tayonna

Staff at the Open House

Students serving food

Violin Performance

Open House/Talent Show audience

Mrs. Crawford’s “Peace in Action” class

One more... “Peace in Action” class

6th grade rock and mineral exhibit

Mr. Oddo speaks... shhhhh!

Minute to Win It - Chopstick Pick Up

Minute to Win It - Yank Me

z cookie face

Jacob and Issac compete at Rapid Fire

Waiting for their turn - Minute to Win It.

Nazim Defying Gravity

"Minute To Win It" cookie time!

Nut stacking game

Stacking cans during "Minute To Win It."

Minute to Win It - Ping Tac Toe

Nutstaker fun!

"Minute To Win It."

Minute to Win it - cookie face

Middle School Honors

Middle School High Honors

Our counselor Mrs. Cermak and Megan.

More Meet n Greet

Meet n Greet!

Meet n Greet Leadership team

Stack Attack game!

Sorting anxiety game

Defying Gravity!

Yank me game

Yank Me!

Jun in the Trunk Game!

Cookie Face game!

Mega Bubble Game

Minute to Win It event!

Minute to win It!

Lily on drums!

Monday's Intramurals - Aidan's kicking!

Kickball intramurals!

Monday intramurals fun!

Kickball fun!

Kickball Monday!

Go time!

Who's got the ball?

Huddle time!

Team green going for the pass!

Team blue, going for the pass!

Alyssa and Mr Riley - Intramural Monday

Intramurals - He will make the catch!

Dominic blocks the goal!

Intramural soccer!

Fun with capture the flag

Capture the flag!

Looking for balloons blindfolded!

Hannah and Alyssa working together

Great Teamwork at Intramurals!

Sophia giving Emma directions

More crab soccer

Crab Soccer is so much fun!

Go Aidan! Go Vincent! Go Dominic!

More intramural fun!

Proud moment!

Great job students!

Honor roll invitation

Proud students!

More honor roll!

Congratulations students!

Honor roll!

HS Honor roll Spring 2017!

Honor Roll and hot dogs!

Congrats to all Honor roll students!

Congratulations to honor roll student Acacia!

2017 honor roll luncheon

High honor roll student Alison, Congrats!

High School Honors

High School High Honors

Guitar, choir, and drums classes.


Emma Scranton High Honors

Drum show!

Decorating for the Senior Breakfast!

Running the mile during a PE Clinic.

Choir and Guitar



Student Art

Celebration of Arts - piano performers

Celebration of the Arts, Spring 2016.

Celebration of the Arts

Artwork on display.

Haley and her artwork!

Mrs Oddo and her piano student Acacia

Napoleon and Hunter promoting yearbooks!

Yummy cake was served!

Choir, Drums and Guitar!

Mrs Hannon and her seniors

Student Art

Natural Resource table.

Careers with PG & E.

Checking in at the Career Fair!

The men of Student Leadership.

Student Leadership help at the Career Fair.

Construction and welding table.

Cosmetology table.

HVAC table.

Our fearless leader!

U.S. Army presentation.

Auto Tech and Veterinarian tables.

Careers in Music with Mrs. Oddo.

Commercial Music booth.

Veterinarian presentation.

Learn about Homeland Security.

Learning about Physical Therapy!

Mr. Rakela and Mr. Moore.

Mrs. Cermak and students.

Career Fair parking, anyone?

Automotive Technology table.

Business Technology table.

Career Day - park here!

Does a Career in Music interest you?

Alison is the Grand Prize winner!

U.S. Army presentation.


Eric Smith and Lisa Menzmer

ice cream

Jill Hannon, Guitar

Kai Gere and family

Marybeth Oddo, Piano

Rachel Wann, English

Back to School Night ice cream!

Ice cream with the family.

Back to School Night advertising!

Presentation time!

Mrs. Crawford & Mrs. O'Brien.

Mrs. Harris & Mrs. Strauch.

Banging the drums.

Welcome to Back to School Night!

Students and staff.

Did you meet our student government?

Mr. Oddo serving ice cream.

Mrs. Oddo and Alyssa.

Trying the drums.

Meet Mrs. Oddo and Mrs. Crawford!

Did you check out Game Club?

Edith Crawford, Peace in Action

Brittany and her copy of the yearbook!

Teachers serving Senior Breakfast!

Back to School Night.

Meet Director Oddo!

Help in the computer lab.

2016 senior award recipients!

Congratulations on your Honor Roll!

Artwork on display.

More artwork on display.

Piano student Alyssa performing.

Published stories by middle schoolers!

Classroom listeners!

Reading stories aloud

Alyssa's story

Published stories!



916 ink!

8th Grade visit to the capital.

Mr. Oddo and student

8th grade promotion presentation

A few graduates and friends.

Who had cake?

8th grade promotion

Award, flowers and balloon!

Award presentation

Proud student and teacher!

Presenting award

Austin and his proud family!

8th Grade School Photo

Talisiana and her award.

Mrs. Strauch presenting the 8th graders.

Kayley, her mom, and Mrs. Javanifard.

8th grade graduation cake.

Director giving his presentation.

Middle School field trip!

Writing Assignment 7th grade

6th Grade Recess

Thank you, Geology Docent, for the visit!

Looking at rocks!

6th Grade Geology Visit.

6th Grade Class at Recess

Mrs Miller in 6th grade class

Mrs. Browns 6th grade class

Mineral and Rock exhibit

Having fun with rocks!

6th grade activity

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