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Due to Covid-19, iIn the fall of 2020, there will be no classes on campus. The campus is currently closed to students. Teachers, staff, and tutors are available via Zoom, email, and phone.

We follow all CDC guidelines when physical contact is needed. 

Need extra time?  You got it.

Have you just completed high school without earning a diploma? At Choices Charter School, we understand that sometimes “life happens” and you may need another chance. If you’re 18 or 19 years old, and just left a high school program, we can help you earn those credits to receive a high school diploma.

While in the 5th Year High School Program, students can expect:

  • A fully accredited high school diploma path
  • Online-only courses
  • FREE Virtual Tutoring, in all subjects, available on campus 5 days a week via Zoom, email and phone
  • A complete education program with core courses and electives
  • Weekly online grading via School Pathways
  • Not a GED or Equivalency program!



Need more information? Request our FREE Information kit. Would you like to come to visit the campus? You are welcome! Just schedule an Information Session and see for yourself how Choices Charter School is an extraordinary school.

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