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Cornell Cave

Cornell Cave

I like to say yes and I’m a big fan of trying new things: food, sports, activities, sometimes even doing something I do everyday a different way, put a new spin on it. I like being active and busy, don’t like sitting around.

My dog and I resemble each other: we like being in the water, being outdoors, and chasing tennis balls around. I’m competitive and play sports full out, enjoy playing the game, being in the moment. I talk too much, am trying to listen I’ve worked a lot of jobs: scuba instructor, sailor, sail-maker, polo pony groom, tried lots of them. I LOVE my job at Choices! I get to be helpful, I get to be myself here.

Fluent in English and French.

Class Activities

Title : Teacher/ Tutor

Email :

Phone : (916) 979-8419

Subject(s) Taught : MS Pre-Int, Art History, Child Development, Medical Office Management, Culinary Arts, Keyboarding, PE

Years’ experience : 15