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During the 2015-2016 school year, the staff at Choices Charter School significantly revised its Student Learner Outcomes to align with the Common Core Four Cs. At Choices, students are now guided through Common Core curriculum and classroom instruction in developing their skills of Critical Thinking, Communication & Collaboration, Creativity, and Commitment.

Critical Thinking: Student draws conclusions and makes decisions based on research and logic.  Conclusions and decisions are supported by evidence from several credible resources.  Student applies understanding of concepts to new situations.

Communication and Collaboration: Student cooperates and compromises with others.  Student engages in productive discussions, respects individual contributions, and assumes responsibility of tasks that add value to group endeavors.

Creativity: Student takes risks and engages the interest of others.  Student synthesizes and builds upon the works and ideas of others to develop their own concepts.  Student produces results that involve original thought.

Commitment: Student is dedicated to the completion of projects and will overcome obstacles to reach goals.  Student learns from failure and applies new knowledge to subsequent pursuits.  Student is dedicated to life-long learning.

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