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Charter schools are growing in popularity for a reason. 

Charter Schools are open to all

  • Charter Schools are open to all children, do not require entrance exams, and must participate in state testing and federal accountability programs.
  • Charter Schools are tuition-free.
  • Charter Schools draw up their own “charter” which is a set of rules and performance standards that they are held accountable to. This is one of the main reasons why many parents choose a Charter School over a traditional school. You can read our charter here.
  • In terms of accountability, state schools adhere directly to standards set by the state board of education, but charter schools are bound to their charter, which is drawn up by a group (could be a for-profit organization, a group of teachers, parents, the local school district, or government entities).  In 2018, Choices Charter School earned the longest term possible, a six-year term of WASC accreditation (Western Association of School and Colleges). This term reflects the accreditation agency’s confidence in the school’s ability to provide an excellent educational experience to its students. Choices Charter WASC accreditation demonstrates that its independent study learning program is highly effective and competitive with other traditional schools throughout the nation.


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