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Welcome to Choices Charter School!


Our program was founded to meet the needs of many different types of students/families who would find success in an alternative educational setting: families who have become dissatisfied with traditional school programs; students and parents who are searching for a different learning/teaching environment; families who want to take an active role in their student’s learning; students who are struggling in the mainstream school setting; those who learn best in a small or independent environment, and a host of other reasons. A key goal of the Charter is to keep students in school while expanding their options for the future through academic success and connections with business/community partnerships.

Choices Charter School is the safest school I’ve ever been associated with. We are a zero tolerance school, and staff, families, and students hold each other accountable to the established rules and guidelines. An Individual Learning Plan is established to set goals for each student and is reviewed regularly for evaluation and update. Skills in organization and time management are taught, but parent participation is essential for student success.

As a student in San Juan Choices Charter School, your success depends greatly on your motivation and attitude. Be honest with yourself and with others. Focus on the educational tasks you are assigned. Attend all classes and appointments as scheduled, and be an active participant in your learning process.


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Tony Oddo, Director

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