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Choices Charter School is WASC accredited.

In 2018, Choices Charter School earned a six-year term of WASC accreditation.  This term is the longest possible accreditation term and reflects the accreditation agency’s confidence in the school’s ability to provide an excellent educational experience to its students.  CCS’s WASC accreditation demonstrates that its independent study learning program is highly effective and competitive with other traditional schools throughout the nation.

The normal accreditation cycle is 6 years, but there are varying degrees of accreditation a school can receive.

The accreditation indicates that the school is meeting the needs of their community as best they can. It also tells colleges and universities that the curriculum & education students receive meets the highest standards and that they should accept students from those schools based on the student meeting their graduation requirements and the entrance requirements of the receiving school.

The accreditation process involves the school completing a self-study of their program. There are specific criteria that are to be evaluated, including student achievement, school climate, parent & student participation, curriculum, and evaluation – to name a few. Schools identify their strengths and their area for improvement. Once the report is completed, a visiting committee comprised of other educators from across the state read the report, then visit the school site to verify the information in the report. They can either agree with the report, disagree, or anything in between. The visiting committee them makes their recommendation to the WASC Board on how long the school should receive their accreditation.

Our own report is accessible here.


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