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Why choose Choices Charter School?

As a personalized learning public charter school, Choices Charter School provides its students and families with a more flexible schedule, more curriculum choices, and a wider variety of outside activity choices than a traditional school. Like any other organization that has to satisfy its customers, we are accountable primarily to you. But as a public school, Choices Charter School is completely free to attend and you still have all the support you need to meet state standards and graduate.


Why select a personalized learning public charter school?

  • PERSONALIZED – We offer 3 types of learning environments: Hybrid classrooms; One-on-One; and Virtual. Each student learns in the environment that best fits their needs.
  • GENERATION Z TEACHING METHODS – Charter schools have more freedom in how they educate. At Choices, our teaching methods have Millenials in mind.
  • MORE CHOICES – Our list of elective classes is extensive and includes music, film, art, and drama.
  • CARING TEACHERS – Our teachers are credentialed and meet Highly Qualified Requirement Guidelines as established by the Federal No Child Left Behind Act. But more importantly, our teachers are available to students and parents at all times. We believe in an open door policy. This can be difficult to find in traditional public schools.
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY – We are able to provide more flexibility than traditional public schools to meet the needs of our students and families.
  • SMALL CLASSES – We provide a distraction-free environment with very small classrooms.
  • PEACEFUL ENVIRONMENT – We offer a calm, quiet, and bully free environment.


Which program is right for your student?

Need more information? Request our FREE Information kit. Want to come visit the campus? You are welcome! Just schedule an Information Session and see for yourself how Choices Charter School is an extraordinary school.

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